Wvu Ilabs (2024)

1. WVU Core Facilities

  • Electron Microscopy ...

2. Getting Started | Lane Innovation Hub - West Virginia University

  • Nov 17, 2021 · How to request iLab services. Go to the WVU Core Facilities Website; Choose the green "login" button on the top right of the landing page; Under ...

3. Request WVCTSI Services | West Virginia Clinical & Translational ...

4. Lane Innovation Hub at West Virginia University

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  • To use the Lane Innovation Hub, create a free account on iLab.  You can sign up for training, learn safety procedures, research facility options that meet your needs, schedule times on equipment and order materials. 

5. iLab Organizer

6. Where to Start | Shared Research Facilities - West Virginia University

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  • Info on registering as a user and helpful links to user guides for the SRF at WVU

7. iLab Instructions for WVCTSI Partner Sites | West Virginia Clinical ...

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  • If you are not part of the West Virginia Practice-Based Research Network, follow the below instructions to register for iLab:

8. Reserve an Instrument | Shared Research Facilities | West Virginia ...

  • Feb 8, 2023 · Using the links below, log in to the iLab site as either a WVU or a non-WVU user as appropriate. Click the "Schedule Equipment" tab near the ...

  • To reserve instruments, you must have been accepted into the iLab system, approved by your PI or an SRF Manager, completed a User Agreement (one-time only), and successfully completed all required training(s).

Wvu Ilabs (2024)
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