URB Cannabis - Monroe (REC) Customer Reviews from Leafly (2024)

August 24, 2022


This is a great place to get yalls smoke on...

March 17, 2022


Nick my bud tender was great! Thanks for helping me out! Great products here for a great price!

March 22, 2023


Phenix & Dana was the best. Very professional helped me with any questions, and was very professional.

February 9, 2023


Very busy but only was in there 15 minutes. Great prices and service. Jonny B helped me find the best bud for me and he was very polite. Great deals we will be returning.

January 27, 2022


Just great people

March 21, 2023


February 5, 2023


Service and distance

February 11, 2023


Great place small waiting space

June 30, 2022


I love this place and I wouldn’t go anywhere else

January 10, 2023


Josh was great! Ist visit!

September 13, 2022


Good place

March 21, 2023


Always a great experience!

June 30, 2022


Great staff, great products, always friendly!

May 28, 2023


We loved that they price matched and our experience was awesome working with Johnny b!!

January 30, 2022


Everything about it is sweet

January 9, 2023


I'll keep shopping at urb

October 4, 2022


The staff is excellent and they have wide variety of flavors

December 5, 2022


I expected great herb and great prices, but was wowed by the the great environment and bud tenders!! I have travel around the country and have been to some quality dispensaries out west but Urb blew me away!! Weather you are new to cannabis or a seasoned user , you should make this your go to place!! Thank you for having this quality in Monroe, quality staff and product!! Sheryl B.

June 11, 2024


It's impossible to get a response to a review from URB, unless you leave a positive review here. Strange? BEWARE: I was taken for nearly $200 by this dispensary. I was once a big advocate for URB, I was happy with the quality product that they provided, and their customer service. That changed when I made a pre-order, arrived and purchased additional products with my order, and started home. I arrived home after a 1.5 hour drive and opened my products. I was upset when I realized that my purchase of nearly $200 in one particular strain was actually around $20 in shake, but off of the same product. I called immediately and spoke to a manager, who apologized profusely and said, please come back and we will gladly replace the product. I asked if I should send pictures, or save the product for proof, upon return. He said he was sorry and didn't want to inconvenience me any further. I made certain to mention it would be some time before I could return, and was told that the offer would not expire. I recently made my way there again, looking forward to resolving the matter. I was told that the computer did in fact indicate the problem, BUT that manager was no longer employed with the company, and they wouldn't be replacing the product, but I could get 15% off my next purchase. I was upset, but continued to try and pursue the issue politely. I was told by the new manager that it was too generous of an offer from the old manager and they couldn't afford to lose out on that much product, that I should have returned sooner, that I should pay more attention to my orders, and was insulted on the product I chose initially. I tried to explain that I was out quite a bit of money on the matter and wouldn't be returning, and was told that it was fine (with a smile). I figured it was best to call and try to speak with someone who was above this individual, before I came here to leave a review, but after 3 attempts to reach out to the company's GM, received no return calls. I'd say it's pretty easy to tell that they don't care about service, honesty, integrity, or customer care. So, BEWARE! There are too many good dispensaries in Monroe to be spending your money at a bad one.

February 16, 2023


It was an absolutely amazing experience, friendly customer service and awesome atmosphere!!

June 22, 2022


Great place great deals

February 18, 2022


Great workers they were caring and helpful

July 22, 2022


Never had a bad experience. Always fast and helpful.

February 17, 2023


I will always come here the best in the business URB CANNABIS

URB Cannabis - Monroe (REC) Customer Reviews from Leafly (2024)
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