Unethical Behavior Examples (2024)

Unethical behavior refers to conduct when an individual, a professional, or a company does anything deemed inappropriate because they are against the social standards. People, businesses, professions, and administrators may all engage in unethical behavior.

What Is Unethical Behavior at the Workplace?

Any unlawful conduct, such as stealing someone's stuff or assaulting colleagues, are some common examples of unethical behavior in the workplace. Nevertheless, unethical conduct can comprise many actions, such as deliberate violations of industry rules or hard-sell sales tactics that take unfair advantage of human weaknesses. This unethical behavior may be seen in many companies and a variety of workplace settings.

Examples of Unethical Workplace Behavior

From a behavioral standpoint, a person can infer these trivial misdeeds resulted in adequate reinforcement to continue to act towards more extensive transgressions, eventually resulting in significant unethical behavior. Unfortunately, the belief that unethical workplace conduct arises due to a few “bad apples” has blinded many workplaces that everyone is susceptible to their work environment and can engage in unethical behavior. Here are some prevalent unethical behavior examples.

  • Misuse of Company Time

Misusing company time, whether for covering up for a person who arrived late at the workplace or modifying the attendance log, is usually the most significant unethical behavior example. It also comprises knowing a co-worker managing their business during work hours. Furthermore, this personal business can imply making cold calls to expand your side business or calling your partner to discuss homely affairs.

  • Abusive Behavior

Almost every modern workplace remains filled with managers who use their status and influence to mistreat others. Unfortunately, unless the circ*mstances involve gender, race, or ethnic origin, there is usually little to no legal defense against offensive behavior in the workplace, and abusive conduct is unethical.

  • Employee Theft

Whether it is to prevent tampering, not registering sales to skim, or exploiting expense reimbursem*nts, employee theft is another example of unethical behavior.

  • Lying to Your Workforce

The quickest way to lose the confidence of your workforce is to lie to them. If you ask workers whether their supervisor or manager has lied to them within the earlier year, you may be surprised at the results.

  • Violating Company Cyber Policies

Cyber Slackers and cyberstalkers are the individuals who surf the internet when they should serve in the company. It is a significant, multi-billion-dollar issue for companies. So if you think checking your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account is no big deal, it is unquestionably an unethical issue.

  • Deliberate Dishonesty in the Workplace

Asking for recognition for someone else's job, calling in sick to go to the hill station, sabotaging someone else's work, and, in sales, falsifying the product or service to fulfill the target are all examples of unethical behavior in the workplace. Other instances of purposeful unethical behavior exist, but they present how destructive unethical behavior can be when used to undermine an individual's rights and security.

What are some ways to avoid unethical behavior at the workplace?

Here are some ways that can help you avoid unethical conduct at your workplace.

  • Set Strict Guidelines

The organization's guidelines should be stringent and organizational leaders must comprehensively explain workplace rules and regulations to all the old and new employees. Furthermore, if someone from your team disobeys the specified rules and regulations and continues with the unethical behavior, they must get penalized after one or two warnings. Additionally, administrators can also ask supervisors to surprise the workforce from time to time. As a result, employees will think twice before engaging in unethical actions.

  • Make the Most of Your Role as an Administrator

Administrators should put forth more effort than their associates. As a result, your workforce will get inspired by you and attempt to imitate you. Therefore, rather than just giving orders, it is equally imperative for workplace administrators to set an example for their team to follow.

  • Value the Hard Work and Loyalty

It is one of the integral factors that might assist you in avoiding unethical behavior at the workplace. Getting dedicated employees is becoming increasingly challenging, and if an employee works diligently to accomplish a goal, business administrators and managers must appreciate their efforts. Also, when your employees feel they get appreciated for their hard work, they will strive hard to work more thoughtfully and never engage in any unethical conduct.

  • Select the Best Candidate

The workplace usually hires a person with excellent working aptitudes and a decent education. However, along with skills and education, they must also consider employees' loyalty, interpersonal conduct, and character. Also, in many situations, when unethical action happens, such as taking reports or embezzling funds from the workplace, it is usually the highly qualified staff involved in the crime. As a result, hiring an ethical team will assist you in creating a favorable work environment.

  • Invite Motivating Orators to Your Event

People nowadays remain dissatisfied with their work since there is nothing new to look forward to in the workplace. Circ*mstances such as a motivating oration by a well-known personality can inspire individuals to reach integrity by doing the right thing. Furthermore, these programs will instill ethical standards in your team and keep them away from unethical action.

  • Make Sure Your Team Understands You Believe in Them

In the corporate domain, don't put your trust in just anyone. You will understand who you can count on in the workplace. On the other hand, leaders should treat every employee as though the leader counts them the most out of everyone else. As a result, others will respect your faith in them and strive to maintain that confidence factor.

  • Use Data Monitoring

Another effective means to prevent unethical conduct in the workplace is establishing management review committees to examine possible code of conduct breaches. Set up email accounts and reporting hotlines capable of grabbing relevant details that include related documentation or the names of potential eyewitnesses.

  • Foster Ethical Conduct

When assessing prospects during the hiring procedure, you should evaluate their importance and whether they fit into the workplace's vision. Distribute accountabilities across employees and units, making a plan of checks and balances that lower the risk of unethical conduct.

  • Provide Tools

Try enforcing a reporting procedure that lets your employees disclose behavior infractions anonymously, and determine strategies for staff to request personal meetings with managers responsible for ethics management.

  • Promote Knowledge

Do not limit yourself to just presenting ethics or code of conduct training to new employees as one of the ways to deter unethical conduct in the workplace. Regularly deliver refresher courses to your current staff and help employees develop problem-solving skills to react appropriately to worker misconduct.

The Bottom Line

Just as your workforce remains exposed to incremental ethical erosion, they are equally available for favorable influences. Also, according to a study, a “nudge” in the correct direction can subconsciously motivate employees to be more open. Furthermore, the more ethically accountable a business works, the happier and more reliable its workers tend to be.

And more satisfied employees tend to act more ethically, creating a positive cycle for your business. In addition, your workplace will undoubtedly succeed if the administrators or managers are someone who understands how to get work done by all kinds of people in their workplace.

Unethical Behavior Examples (2024)
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