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The ultimate rice recipe, you will not be able to eat just one helping of this Stick of Butter Rice. It has the perfect flavor and is easy to put together with a few simple ingredients.

I’m about to share with you my favorite side dish of all time. Just thinking about this rice makes my mouth water. It is beyond simple but it tastes AMAZING. It might have to do with the butter ratio. But that’s beside the point. I’m not sure what the name of it really is – it should be called brown rice. But regular “brown rice” is healthy and kind of crunchy. This most definitely is neither of those. So I took it upon myself to name it “Stick of Butter Rice” because (you guessed it), it has a stick of butter in it.

Stick of Butter Rice

As much as I love this rice, Josh mentioned that I might not want to post it because it doesn’t look very good. He has a point. You eat with your eyes first. But I’m here to tell you that it does not matter if it looks like insects. It only matters that it is the best and that you will sing praises after trying it. My Mom says she got this one from my great-grandma.


How to Make Stick of Butter Rice

One of the easiest side dishes you’ll ever make, here’s how to put it together:

  1. Pre-heat an oven to 425 degrees.
  2. Combine rice, soup and broth in a 9×9 dish.
  3. Slice butter thinly and add to the top of the rice.
  4. Cover with aluminum foil and bake for 30 minutes.
  5. Remove foil and bake an additional 30 minutes.
  6. Fluff and serve!


This is what it looks like when you are ready to put it into the oven. I admit that it looks kind of scary. BUT it will turn out. Just trust me on this. I wanted to show you so that you wouldn’t freak out when you made it. Try my Half a Stick of Butter Rice too!

I made this to go with Beef Enchiladas but it’s more traditional with a roast, chicken, etc.

Stick of Butter Rice Recipe

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Stick of Butter Rice

This Stick of Butter Rice is my favorite side dish of all time. It is beyond simple but it tastes AMAZING!

Prep Time10 mins

Cook Time1 hr

Total Time1 hr 10 mins

Course: Side Dish

Cuisine: American

Keyword: Stick of Butter Rice

Servings: 4

Calories: 402kcal

Author: Mique Provost


  • 1 c long grain white rice uncooked, NOT instant
  • 10 oz condensed French Onion Soup
  • 10 oz condensed Beef Broth
  • 1/2 c butter (1 stick) sliced thinly


  • Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

  • In a 9x9 inch baking dish combine rice, soup and broth.

  • Cover with foil and bake for 30 minutes.

  • Remove cover and bake 30 minutes more.



Calories: 402kcal | Carbohydrates: 40g | Protein: 5g | Fat: 24g | Saturated Fat: 15g | Cholesterol: 63mg | Sodium: 834mg | Potassium: 406mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 2g | Vitamin A: 710IU | Calcium: 35mg | Iron: 0.5mg

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Reader Interactions


  1. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (5)Deb says

    thank u for the recipe, I’m not a rice fan, but this was delish!!!!! Only thing I did different was added 1/2 bag of frozen peas and carrots. Thanks again!!!!

  2. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (6)Fay says

    My Mother in law makes this we call it company rice. Also when I make it sometimes use left over meat left over from the night before.

  3. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (7)Valerie says

    I have been making this for years, although I never had an official name for it. When my kids were little, they decided to call it “Rice A-Yummy” because they thought it was so yummy!

  4. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (8)Amy says

    I make this, but a vegan version using mushroom stock and earth’s best spread. Best rice ever!

  5. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (9)DeeDee says

    I made this tonight for the first time. It is fantastic! This will be my go-to rice when having steak or beef. My family loved it too!!!

  6. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (10)Becky says

    Probably a silly question, but should the condensed canned soup and broth be used as they are without dilution or should they be prepared with a can of water each as directed on the can when using them to just make them soup?

  7. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (11)Katrina says

    Has anyone ever added lean seasoned ground beef when it was done?

  8. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (12)Tracy Reed says

    I tried this last night, although I had to tweak it since I didnt have any french onion soup, so just like making french onion soup, I sautéed the onions in salted butter first until they were soft and added some beef bouillon (similar to a recipe above) until dissolved, and then added the rest of the ingredients and put in the oven to bake. I LOVED IT!!! the lady who shared this one said she couldn’t find/remember the name of the recipe, so why not Frech Onion Rice? I even thought about putting some crunchy french’s onions on top, just an idea! =0)

  9. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (13)Kathy Brandenburg says

    Have made this for years. Call it “Fried rice”. When it is finished baking, add two to three stirred eggs into the rice, stir gently and let it rest for three or four minutes, when set, serve. Do not add additional salt to the eggs. Everyone will rave.

  10. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (14)Melissa says

    I found this recipe in my Facebook feed.. I emailed it to myself and gave it a try this past weekend.. It is so nice to have a delicious flavorful rice without cheese in it! I used uncle bens rice (box) since it’s just me & my boyfriend. He loved it too! Baked pork chops to go with it.. I did everything as the recipe called for.. I think I may cut back on the butter a little bit.. Seemed too greasy for me.. Delicious though!! Do try it!

  11. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (15)Cheryll Woods-Flowers says

    I love this recipe! Do you have any nutritional info…particularly calorie count?

  12. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (16)Scott says

    We made this and substituted brown rice . We also used a Beef Consume. Followed the directions and the rice was still crunchy at the end of 60 minutes. We covered it back up with foil and put it back in for 10 minutes more. Still crunchy. Then we put it in the rice cooker with some chicken broth….another 15 minutes and still somewhat crunchy with an intense Beef flavor.

  13. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (17)Linda says

    This recipe was amazing! Thank you.
    I did a couple things different just because of what I had on hand. I used a stick of margarine. I also didn’t have a can of broth. But I did have some bullion cubes. I used one cube and 10 oz of hot water. Also my rice was parboiled rice. It worked great. (gee now that I look at it–the soup was the only thing I did exactly as instructed! LOL) I was worried the parboiled would be bad cooking for an hour. But it was perfect!!
    YUM! We will make again!

  14. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (18)Jdy says

    Is minute rice instant rice and if so what is regular rice thanks

    • STICK OF BUTTER RICE (19)Linda says

      Yes, Minute rice IS instant. Regular rice is usually sold in a bag. Any of the rice that is made by boiling water, and just adding and sitting to soak is instant. Regular white rice is will be labeled something like “extra long grain enriched rice” and usual cooking method is to boil with the water for apx. 20 min.
      I used Parboiled rice (Mahatma labels theirs Gold, Uncle ben’s is just labeled Par Boiled I think). It turned out just fine using the instructions as is!

  15. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (20)Natalie says

    How would this come with chicken instead of beef broth? I always have chicken broth on hand.

  16. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (21)GiGi says

    Does anyone have a crackpot version of this recipe?

  17. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (22)Debbie Wheaton says

    My mom always made this growing up and now I make it. She always made it in a 9×13 pan and never had any problems. Delicious! I crave this rice often too!!

  18. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (23)Brenda Stewart says

    Why is it the best recipes contain all the things the Dr. took me off of? This looks so darn good and 3 months ago I would have eaten it all! But I can still look and drool, especially when someone post it on facebook.

  19. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (24)Crista says

    I made this last night, but used double the rice, then the required soups and two cans of water with two beef bullion cubes and only one stick of butter in a 9×13 pan, did the same cooking time and it was awesome! Served with pan fried pork chops and there was NONE left over. Thanks for sharing, it was so so good.

  20. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (26)Ellen says

    My mouth is watering reading this recipe! I am sure I would love it!

  21. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (27)Meke (Mickey) says

    We use almost the same recipe for Chicken and Rice, except I use cream of mushroom soup instead of beef broth and lay boneless chicken on top, cover and bake. Its amazing so we are going to try this way too :) Thanks

  22. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (28)veronica says

    The sodium in this has to be to the moon! You could substitute unsalted beef stock for the broth and use 1/2 water and 1/2 soup. I always substitute Jasmine rice because it is so flavorful. You absolutely could use Jasmine brown rice or plain brown rice, but it will have to cook longer.

    • STICK OF BUTTER RICE (29)Just A Few Projects says

      I was thinking the same thing about the sodium…yeowch. The french onion soup is 900 mg sodium per 1/2 cup, so about 2700 mg in the whole can. The beef broth is about 800 mg per cup. This dish could easily surpass one’s daily allowance of sodium in a single serving.

      I would definitely use unsalted butter (and less of it), and fresh sautéed mushrooms (not canned). I would omit the canned french onion soup and instead use more low-sodium beef stock and more onion, cooked slowly with butter to get more flavor.

  23. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (30)Lia Davis says

    Can I substitute Brown Rice in this resipe?

  24. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (31)Michael says

    My wife hates beef broth…wondering how this would taste if we used chicken or vegetable broth instead?? Looks yummy to me!!

  25. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (32)Gwen M says

    My mom always made this for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners, only had it on holidays. I thought it was probably hard to make and when I was married and wanted the recipe, Momma gave it to me, it is so simple! We have it all the time. Her recipe had a half stick of butter melted in dish, & called for Beef Consomme soup as well as French Onion, she used Uncle Ben’s long grain rice, and she used the drained mushrooms as the last thing she put in the dish was a small package of sliced (or slivered which ever you prefer) almonds. My twist to the recipe she made was instead of 1 c of uncle bens rice, I use 1/2 c and then add 1/2 c of wild rice! When I take this to potluck dinners, there is never any leftovers!
    I make the recipe in 9×9 and if I double it I use 9 x 13, same cooking time!

    I hope you like my spin on the recipe!

    I remember my dad saying at holidays when I was a little girl, “No one leaves until the rice is gone”

  26. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (33)Penny says

    This was the one thing my hubby loved. Kids too. I eliminated the butter eventually. I add 1 pound of meat (uncooked), stew beef, chicken or pork cut up small. I put fresh mushrooms on top (easier for not eaters to pick out). I also found browned up sausage tastes really good also. I do use beef consume instead of beef broth.

  27. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (34)Mary Ann says

    I’ve made a version of this in a pot on top of the stove. Only main difference is that I melt the butter and then saute an onion in it. Then add the rice and soups, sometimes add mushrooms, then cook regular time for rice. We love it. Family staple! I might try the oven method. Wonder if it would work in a crockpot for a crowd? hmmmmm… Thanks for sharing.

  28. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (35)Cherry says

    I’m not a big fan of rice but my family is so always looking for new recipes to try can’t wait but I do have 1 question I’m assuming its OK to swap out beef broth for veg. as were vegetarians thx Cherry

  29. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (36)joy rivera says

    Do you wash the rice first?

    • STICK OF BUTTER RICE (37)Mae says

      Probably not. Rice isn’t made with talc anymore and washing rids it of nutrients. Not to mention unwashed rice yields a creamier result. It is being heated so if you’re worried about cleanliness, cooking at a higher temperature is more effective than rinsing.

  30. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (38)Ginger Hawk says

    I was wondering how chicken broth may taste or if anyone had tried it this way.

  31. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (39)Jen says

    I have been making this for years. It’s a family favorite.

  32. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (40)DonnaMaree says

    Cannot get canned beef stock here in nzd and neither can we get canned French onion soup.. but we can get the powdered version of both…so how many mls of water should I add make it up?

    • STICK OF BUTTER RICE (41)Denise says


      30 mls per ounce (oz), so 300 mls each. The canned soups are usually 10oz size.

      I hope that helps! I can’t wait to try this recipe!

  33. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (42)Danielle says

    My grandmother makes this rice we call it Brown rice!! You can also add mushrooms and/or sliced almonds…we usually serve this rice with ham and potato salad!! Reminds me of Easter dinner!!!!

  34. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (43)Jennifer says

    my family has been making this for a lifetime! We also use a can of beef consume’ and a can of mushrooms! yum

  35. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (44)Rosalinda says

    If I double or triple this recipe what size of pan should I use?

  36. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (46)Lee Ann says

    Rice cooker instructions – dump all ingredients in rice cooker and start. Easy and no hot oven! I use less butter (about 1/4 cup).

  37. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (47)laura dansby says

    My Grandma made this accepts she used red Pimientos and pan fried pork chops on top

  38. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (48)Ani says

    hi there…you said you could double the recipe (which i just have) – what would you suggest as a cooking time?

    Can’t wait to serve it tonight…

  39. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (49)Carlota says

    We call this lazy rice ! :)

  40. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (50)Pam Simpkins says

    Not a fan of onions any other soup to use instead of the French onion soup?

    • STICK OF BUTTER RICE (51)laura dansby says

      We used the broth of the soup if you dont like onions

  41. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (52)Judi says

    I printed it out to make for tomorrow. It sounded so good. After reading all the comments I might have to make it for a midnight snack.

  42. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (53)Kimberly says

    I made this today and it was delicious. Next time, I will use half a stick of butter. It was very rich; everyone wanted to take a nap after dinner!!!

  43. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (54)Janine says

    I’ll have to try this. I make a rice from my mom (lost her March 1 from Alzheimer), so I post this in her honor. Sounds quite similar. She had clipped it from the new Orleans paper eons ago. I just call it sticky rice. Very tasty. Oven at 350. I use my corning Casserole dish. One cup uncooked white rice, two cans French Onion soup, one can Cream mushroom Soup. Mix all together. One hour in oven covered. Stir every 15 mins. Enjoy.

  44. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (55)Lynn says

    We call this church rice as it was a recipe from a church dinner. We have halved the butter, cook it on the stove top as it’s faster, typically serve it with grilled chops and peas. So yum :)

  45. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (56)Sarah says

    Our family has a very similar version, we just use cream of mushroom and milk instead of french onion and broth. Sometimes we throw in a chicken breast or some veggies (i.e. carrots, celery, etc) and you have a complete meal!

  46. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (58)Tracy says

    Mique! That looks soooooo bad, I mean GOOD!! Seriously gonna make it with Easter dinner. Ham and rice? Why not? ;)

  47. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (59)Tara says

    Can you use brown rice?

    Sounds yummy!

  48. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (60)Sarah says

    I just found this randomly on Pinterest and decided to make it. I adjusted it slightly and used bovril for my beef stock. It was delishious.
    This will now be a family favourite in my home…. Surrey…. England.
    Thank you.

  49. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (61)Wanda Riley says

    I make this using mushrooms,double rich double strenght beef broth,condensed onion soup, butter and wild rice……..we’ve always called it Dirty Rice

  50. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (62)Patty says

    I have made this for years! It is awesome. I add sliced almonds to mine also! So glad you posted this

  51. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (63)Christina says

    I made this a few weeks ago with a roast and we loved it. I made a few changes based on what I had on my pantry. So good. My husband and all of our children loved it. ( I doubled to feed us all.) I am under the weather today and craving this but don’t have any of the ingredients other than rice. So I am improvising with chicken base to make broth & salsa verde. I also threw in some shredded chicken to turn it into a meal instead of a side. I will let you know how it turned out.

    • STICK OF BUTTER RICE (64)Christina says

      This was great made into a chicken rice Mexican dish. This is what I did.

      2 cups rice
      5 cups water
      5 tsp Better than Bouillon Chicken Base
      16 oz jar Herdez salsa verde
      3 cups shredded chicken
      I mixed chicken base in water then added all the other ingredients. I topped it with 1 1/3 sticks butter, sliced. Baked 30 foil covered. Uncovered & stir, bake 30. Stir bake 15 more. Sprinkle with cheese.

      Your beef version is still my favorite, but this was an good easy supper tonight.

      • STICK OF BUTTER RICE (65)Mique says

        Awesome! Thanks for coming back and letting me know what you did with it Christina. I appreciate it!

  52. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (66)Julie says

    I pinned this on Pinterest weeks ago and just made it. Definitely a keeper. It is delicious and so very easy. Thanks for sharing.

  53. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (67)Linny says

    If I want to double it or triple it what size pan should I use & will it affect the cooking time?

  54. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (68)Jilene says

    Okay this looks so good and I read every comment and they have given me so many ideas to try can’t wait to make some yummy rice for the family.

  55. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (69)Sharill Rivera says

    Looks yummy. I make a similar rice in the rice cooker. I fry bacon, cook the rice with 1 teaspoon of he bacon grease, instead of butter, and add crumbled bacon when the rice is done. It’s delicious!

  56. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (70)JoAnn King says

    I use a pkg. of Lipton Onion Soup Mix dry and a can of Campbells beef consommé soup. Butter and rice the same.

  57. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (71)Sol S. says

    This is in my oven right now..I am loving the aroma

  58. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (72)everythingofcooking says

    New to me! Looks lovely and simple. Thank you!

  59. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (73)Allison says

    OMG, this is sooooo good!

    I could eat the whole pan. I didn’t have a 9×9 pan only an 8×11 or 8×8. I chose the 8×11 but next time I think the 8×8 would work better.

    Let me say this again, OMG, soooooo good!

  60. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (74)Michelle says

    Hi my mother made this all the time. She added mushrooms everyone loves it. We call it Rice Casserole. Delicious!

  61. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (75)Ashley says

    My mom made this growing up, except she put a few bone in pork chops (center cut) on top of the rice mixture and used Campbell’s beef consome instead of broth for a richer flavor. Delicious!

  62. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (76)Nancy Saller says

    We tried it and it was great but I only used half the butter it called for!

  63. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (77)Jen says

    This is the best rice ever! My family has been making it for years…we call it “Shore Rice” since it was a quick and easy favorite when we would spend summers at the beach.

  64. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (78)Phyllis says

    Where are the instructions for the rice cooker and will this work in the Pampered Chef Rice microwave cooker

  65. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (79)linda says

    I used to make a rice casserole similar to this years ago. The recipe was in a cookbook that my mom bought for me when I first got married – it was put together by a Senior Citizens group – so this recipe has been around for a long, long time! The recipe differed in that it called for:

    4 cups water
    1 cup uncooked rice
    1 stick butter or margarine, cut up
    1 pkg. Lipton’s Onion Soup Mix
    1 – 3 ounce can sliced mushrooms (fresh sautéed sliced mushrooms would probably be even better!)

    The directions are the same as yours!!! I used to double, and sometimes triple, this for a side dish for parties and it always turned out great. People always asked for the recipe, too!

    I hope you don’t mind that I posted this variation! Your post made me want to bring out and make the recipe again!


  66. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (80)Krista @ Joyful Healthy Eats says

    Ok, sometimes the best tasting dishes don’t look very appetizing. This one sounds delicious. I am a huge fan of french onion soup, so with that as the base then add in some beef broth to make it more rich in flavor and butter! Totally believe you, bet this is awesome. Pinning Mique, thanks for sharing at Show Stopper my dear! :)

  67. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (81)Cindy Eikenberg says

    Hi Mique! Can I tell you how much I love rice – and how absolutely incredible this looks? Wow, I can’t wait to try this! Thank you SO much for joining us and sharing at Best of the Weekend. Pinning and sharing! Hope you are having a happy and wonderful week!

  68. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (82)Isabel says

    Has anyone tried making this in the microwave or on top of the stove? Would the amount of ingredients be the same?

  69. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (83)Laura says

    This is a delicious dish, I also add a can of sliced water chestnuts as well as the jar of mushrooms!

  70. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (84)Nancy says

    Hi just wondering where you get the can of condensed onion soup. Looking forward to making this. Thanks. Nancy

    • STICK OF BUTTER RICE (85)Anne says

      Hi Nancy,
      It’s Campbell’s French onion soup in the canned soup aisle of your grocery store :)

  71. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (86)Melissa says

    We call it bullion rice but your name is way better! Lol…We love this recipe….I also add a can of mushrooms. I usually serve it with ham steaks but it goes so well with so much!

  72. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (87)Erica says

    Can this be done with brown rice?

    • STICK OF BUTTER RICE (88)Andrea says

      I was wondering the same thing! And I’d love the rice cooker instructions.

      • STICK OF BUTTER RICE (89)JenBC says

        I have made it with brown rice. It may take a little longer to cook and a tad more liquid if it is taking up the liquid quickly. It still divine!

  73. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (90)krunberry says

    Salted or unsalted butter? hoping to make it tonight :)

  74. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (91)Christine says

    I am a novice cook…will any white rice work? Basmati? Long grain? Making it tonight :)

  75. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (92)Nadine in NC says

    I’ve been using a similar recipe for over 30 years. My recipe has me melt the butter and saute a small chopped onion before adding the other ingredients. For those on a budget, I have also had success with using beef base (that i buy at Sam’s Club) and 2 1/2 (to three) cups of water instead of the soups. You can control how much beef flavor it has using the base and you can also make the rice softer by increasing the water. For a really easy main dish, just add chopped pork loin to the onions when sauteing them and bake it covered for about 45 minutes.

  76. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (94)Jess says

    Can you use chicken broth instead of beef broth with similar results?

  77. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (95)alyssa says

    making this tonight : ) would I be able to throw a few boneless thin cut pork chops into it?

    • STICK OF BUTTER RICE (96)Dee says

      I make a pork chop and rice dish that I crave several times a year. It is really good!

      Spray a 9×9 casserole dish with cooking spray. Place 1 cup raw white rice in dish. Add chopped onions and sliced mushrooms. (I have sauteed them or left them raw, seems to make no difference in the finished product. Also have used fresh and/or canned mushrooms, whatever I have on hand.) Place browned pork chops on top. Pour 2 cans of beef consomme over chops and rice. Cover tightly with foil. Cook at 350 for 1 hour.

      I realize this comment was left some time ago. I hope you see it!

  78. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (97)Stefanie Silveira says

    I love this rice. We call it Dirty Rice in our family and add a can of mushrooms and a can of sliced olives. Amazeballs delish!!!!!

  79. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (99)Jenibelle says

    Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese at the end. Yum.

  80. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (100)Sheila Vives says

    I love rice. Thanks for the recipe !

  81. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (101)Donna says

    You had me at ‘stick of butter’. :) On the menu for this week! Thank you for sharing!

  82. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (102)Robynn says

    My roommate in college taught me this and my family has loved it. We put diced onions in as we melt the butter on stovetop then add the other ingredients. Turns out perfect every time. And for those asking abut using less butter-we have made with half stick and it still comes out buttery and yummy!

  83. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (103)Shelley Enright says

    My Sister-in-law gave me this recipe a couple years ago but she calls it Dirty Rice. We do add the sliced mushrooms and we use beef consommé instead of regular broth. It’s amazing. I’ve even learned how to make it in my digital rice cooker. No fuss. :)

    • STICK OF BUTTER RICE (104)Lindazilla says

      I was just wondering about using a rice cooker. How do you modify the process (if at all) for the cooker?

    • STICK OF BUTTER RICE (105)beth says

      I make the same rice with the consomme and mushrooms, bell pepper and onion. Favorite ever.

  84. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (106)jen says

    do you have to use a whole stick of butter or could it work with just half a stick?? just curious!!

  85. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (107)Mary Childress says

    looks pretty good! I make rice (any kind) with chicken broth and butter and onions. Sometimes with sliced almonds or/ and mixed veges.

  86. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (108)Lori says

    I am making this right now and just realized that I did not cover for the first 30 min of cooking time. Hopefully it doesn’t dry out too much!

    It smells fantastic! Hope all goes well.


  87. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (109)katie says

    It certainly sounds delicious! Definitely adding to my dinner menu this week. Thanks!


    I’ve been looking for a great rice dish forever and this one sounds delicious. I’m making it today. Hope my kids and grandkids love this too.

  89. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (111)Lana @ Never Enough Thyme says

    This is one of my favorite recipes! My mama has been making it for years and everyone raves about it. Delicious!

  90. STICK OF BUTTER RICE (112)patti k says

    Oooh..Mique! I have been looking for this recipe for many years. I had it once; my cousin’s wife made it with a beef roast when we were visiting years ago. I have craved it since then! We just called it “Pam’s Brown Rice” . Just wanted to question the size of dish…your recipe says use a 9×13 and believe she used a square dish (9×9 ?). Would that affect the cooking time since the ingredients are distributed differently? Thanks for sharing this!

    • STICK OF BUTTER RICE (113)Mique says

      Hi Patti- glad you found this recipe! ;) I crave it all the time too. It actually says on the recipe to use a 9×9. If you used a 9×13 pan I think it would affect the time of cooking because it wouldn’t be as compact (for lack of a better word?).

      • STICK OF BUTTER RICE (114)patti k says

        Thanks for clarifying…I guess I was looking at this too early in the day; my eyes saw 9×13! I was also confused by the fact the dish in your photo appeared to be 9×9. Please forgive my error :-). I do have everything in my cupboard to make this so it will probably be some where in my meal plan this week! By the way…I don’t think it looks like insects. It looks delicious!

        • STICK OF BUTTER RICE (115)mickey says

          That’s too funny, I read (skimmed) 9X13, I’ve been doing a similar recipe for years, only I use my trusty rice cooker and chicken broth instead.

          • STICK OF BUTTER RICE (116)Lexi says

            My family loves rice. Can you specify how you do it in the rice cooker? Are the measurements the same?

          • STICK OF BUTTER RICE (117)steve says

            Well if you use a rice cooker, you can’t bake it unless you transfer the cooked rice to a baking dish…

            My mom is appalled at the things I cook in my rice cooker.

          • STICK OF BUTTER RICE (118)Leann says

            Steve, the recipe calls for UNCOOKED rice. The rice cooker doesn’t come into play…

      • STICK OF BUTTER RICE (119)kelly says

        In the ingredients, is the beef broth condensed as well? Or just regular strength?

      • STICK OF BUTTER RICE (120)Lynn Harrell says

        I have searched the whole site and there is no recipe to be found. Where is it hidden? Would love to make this.

      • STICK OF BUTTER RICE (121)paula says

        We call it Rice Pilof. My mom would put browned pork chops on top and then bake :)

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