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Title TypeVol.Score

Tokyo Dragon Strike add Light Novel - -

Guinea Pig to Seiya no Kusabi: Heart no Kuni no Alice - Wonderful Twin World add

A spin-off focusing on the Mad Hatter.

Manga 1 -

Moto Fuuzokujou ga Kanemochi Tsuma ni Narimash*ta add Manga - 6.40

Nanako-san-teki na Nichijou Revival add

Nanako is an athletic and free-spirited girl that excels in every sport she does. Many of the sports groups at her school request her assistance at important matches. Where she excels the most is more.

Manga 4 -

Oneechan ni Omakase add

Book from mangaka Jamming that includes the 5-parter title story, Leave It To Sis. The story deals with Yuu and his dilemma of having his older sister Nanami taking a way more than sisterly interest more.

Manga 1 6.53

Ana, Moji, Ketsueki Nado ga Arawareru Manga add

Collection containing the following one-shots: 1. Batoru Roaiyaru 2. Horie-kun to Horiemon 3. Joshi Ana no Ana 4. Shiro no Joukei 5. Man'in Densha 6. Sayashiko no Yoru 7. Ekimae Ankoku 8. Ekimae more.

Manga 1 -

Dr. Mordrid add

The year is 1897, the era of the Wild West. Doctor Mordrid may be the scientific community's outcast, but his unique skills as an archaeologist specializing in occult cases are second to none and more.

Manga 1 -

Tasuketa Yakuza ni Nerawaretemasu!? add

Koutarou Tanaka, a taxi driver who works in the countryside, loves his uneventful life more than anything. One day, he ends up saving a yakuza, Hozumi Kurokawa, whose abdomen was bleeding. A few more.

Manga 1 6.87

Tensei-saki ga Shoujo Manga no Shirobuta Reijou datta reBoooot! add

Despite her noble status, Britney Harks bears more than a passing resemblance to a white pig—stinky, fat, and filthy. For this reason, her fiancé requests that their engagement be annulled. The more.

Manga - -

200-nen no Yoru to Kodoku: Ohitorisama Kyuuketsuki add Manga 2 -

La Quinta Camera add

In a small city in Italy there is a cheap room for rent, great for foreign students, only if they can deal with the four middle aged men already living there. La Quinta Camera is a series of short more.

Manga 1 7.18

Zetsubou Baby add

Love comedy depicting "the great me (oresama)" that falls in love for the first time and the agony of a timid high school girl is Zetsubou Baby. Our heroine, Kasumi, who don't even have friends let more.

Manga 2 6.76

Jackass! add

Keisuke Hara, a blunt high schooler with a heart of gold, and good-looking Masayuki Shinoda are close friends, fondly dubbed "Shinohara" by their classmates. Juggling many responsibilities at school more.

Manga 1 7.91

Itou Junji Kyoufu Manga Collection 16: Frankenstein add

1-3. Frankenstein 4. Jigoku no Ningyousou (The Hell of the Doll Funeral) 5. Real Unko no Omoide (Memories of Real Poop)

Manga 1 7.55

Kiss ni Renzoku add

Shinobu is a school girl that possesses the powers of an exorcist. She lived with her grandfather, who has died. leaving his church to her. It was her grandfather that helped her control her power more.

Manga - 6.94

Yura-kun no 10% ni wa Himitsu ga Aru add

"My classmate Yura-kun is always languid. He might be a vampire..." Kyouko's wild notions actually turn out to be true!! Once Yura-kun finds out that she has a "rare blood type," he begins to more.

Manga 2 6.84

Ojousama to Oresama to add

Kaoru Sakurai, the successor of the Sakurai Japanese Dance, made a promise with her childhood friend, Shihou Takaaki, to remain together forever. However, Takaaki left to study in England. Separated more.

Manga 1 6.51

Kanojo e Class Change! add One-shot - -

The Taming of the Tyrant add

All Charlize Ronan ever wanted was to bring honor to her family. But instead, she is forced into becoming a "living sword"—a mere tool for the emperors. It is from this hell that she prays for more.

Manhwa - 7.04

Houtou Musuko to Sewagakari add

Eiji, who comes from a wealthy family, spends the majority of his life as a student having fun with girls and enjoying the freedom that has been his own since leaving the family home. One day, his more.

Manga 1 6.93

JS to Hadakanbo de Hitobanjuu Otomari sh*tara... add Doujinshi 1 -

Nanjou-san wa Boku ni Dakaretai add Manga - 6.64

I Became the Stepmother of an Irrevocable Dark Family add

I became the stepmother of Rebecca, the five-year-old wicked girl who planned to commit all kinds of debauchery because of her terminal illness. Soon, I'm going to get severely hurt because of more.

Manhwa - -

Tatoeba Last Dungeon Mae no Mura no Shounen ga Joban no Machi no Shokudou de Hataraku Nichijou Monogatari add Manga 4 -

Sword Art Online dj - Silica Edition add

A doujinshi co-authored by Kawahara Reki, under the pen-name of Kunori Fumio, and Kurusu Tatsuya on Sword Art Online. Note: Part comic/novel doujinshi. Novel by Kawahara Reki, manga by Kurusu more.

Doujinshi 1 6.90

Jewelry★Eyes add

Runa has a special hypnotherapy power that she inherited from her parents, and with it she can repel perverts/molesters. However, due to this power she can’t find her first love, and it can’t help more.

Manga 1 7.00

Love+α add

Two is company and 3 is a crowd. But when the third wheel happens to be a ghost, the results can get interesting. Yuuya is caught in the middle of a supernatural love triangle between Kyosuke the more.

Manga 1 6.90

Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? add

Our naïve protagonist proposes to a female character in an online game, only to find out that the player is actually a guy. Traumatized by that, he decides to never trust a girl online, but now, two more.

Light Novel - 7.13

Hobetsu Ichigo Hakusho add

1. Jimi-kei Megane ni Goyoujin 2. Kuro Gal Buchou Funtouki! 3. Shiro Gal A-ko to Kuro Gal B-ko no Bitch Nyuumon 4. Kuroi Hoken Iin 5. Goriuu wa Kawaiku Naritai 6-8. Kore ga Watashi no Tsuma desu.

Manga 1 -

Hatsukoi ni, Tejou add

Nazuna fell in love with her senpai and "stalks" him everyday. But what happens when senpai's brother discovers her hobby. Included one-shots: Taiyou-kun to Cyborg Sister

Manga 1 -

Wild Animals add

Coming of age during the Cultural Revolution in China, sixteen-year-old Ma Xiaojun yearns to rebel against the system. But while he manages to get into plenty of trouble with his friends, he also more.

Manhua 2 -

Tatakau Panya to Automaton Waitress add

Tatakau Panya to Automaton Waitress is about an ex-soldier who moves to a rural town to open a bakery. While he has no problem baking delicious bread, this battle-scarred veteran discovers that his more.

Light Novel 10 7.12

First Love add

1-2. Smile Again 3. How Do You Feel? 4. Sakura Question 5. My Fair Lady 6. Childhood Friend in the Summer 7. Happy Lesson 8. Futari no Ochakai (Tea for Two) 9. Itatte Kenzen! (Perfectly Healthy!)

Manga 1 7.04

Mou Manzoku desho!? add

1. Manman Muboubi Binbin (Hot, Vulnerable and Hard) 2. Nago chan Maji de!? (Are You Serious, Nago-chan!?) 3. Momoe san to!! (With Momoe-san!!) 4. Suke Suke Yume-san (See-through Yume-san) 5. Houkago more.

Manga 1 6.68

Sono Me, Kuchi hodo ni. add

1. Sono Me, Kuchi hodo ni. 2. Oide, Boku no Kotori 3. Masshiro na Sekai 4. Shinseki no Atsumari.

Manga 1 7.11

Rengoku no Trisagion add

In the late 1800s, Thomas Alva Edison is a famous inventor, but he is also a master of fighting fallen angels who come into the human world. This role is called an 'exorcist' in the church, but more.

Manga 3 -

Sanchoume Zouhyou Monogatari add

Ashigaru, knight, viking, Spartan, assassin, combat merchant... Various foot soldiers from all over the world converge on a once peaceful apartment. Pillaging and violence disrupts the owner's dream more.

Manga 2 7.32

Corpse Party Cemetery 0: Kaibyaku no Ars Moriendi add

There is a website for suicides appearing on the internet only at midnight and when certain specific keywords are searched. Although it is supposed to be only a mere urban myth, girls who have more.

Manga 2 6.23

Youkoso Lodoss-tou e! add

A parody of the Lodoss-tou Senki series, using super-deformed characters.

Manga 3 -

Nerawareta Ani add One-shot - -

The Calling add

An adaptation of Patricia A. McKillip's "The Forgotten Beasts of Eld." Sixteen when a baby is brought to her to raise, Sybel has grown up on Eld Mountain. Her only playmates are the creatures of a more.

Manga 3 -

Inu to Watashi add Manga 1 -

Blood: The Last Vampire: Shanhai Aibyo add Light Novel 1 -

Koi nanka sh*takunai add

When Nakajima's mother decided to remarry he was afraid but everything turned out to be even better than he expected. His new older brother helps him and spoils him a lot and they're getting along more.

Manga 2 7.51

Dr. no Fureru Yubisaki add

Hospital of Hakusan University is popular with handsome doctors. Godhand Doctor, a genius for surgical. Will you fall in love if you are touched by those gentle hands? Smile Doctor, a dermatologist more.

Manga 1 -

Seishun Scrap! add

Comedy series set in a world in which boys and girls have been separated by gender and raised separately. The story of problem students (within the boys and girls who have been raised without more.

Manga 2 6.45

Toraware no Mitsu Dorei: Do S na Oji-sama ni Aisarete add Light Novel 1 -

Hotel add

1. Hotel: Since A.D. 2079 2. Present 3. Subete wa Maguro no Tame datta (It Was All for the Tuna) 4. Stephanos 5. Diadem

Manga 1 7.68

A Monstrous First Day add

Secretary Seungmoon Han ran for office with no hope of winning, but when his opponent's unexpected arrest makes him the victor, he winds up as the youngest assemblyman in South Korea. As he's being more.

Manhwa - -

Tora ni Tsubasa add

In this world many people have "gifts." Not the kind of gift that can be given to someone else, but rather a natural born ability. Artistic talent or figure like a gorgeous model, there are many more.

Manga 2 6.56
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