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Parent and Family Programs - Student Affairs (1)

Joining the Owl Family Hub automatically enrolls you in the KSU Parent and Family Association. This membership is free and is your way to stay connected to the KSU Family. Create an account or log-in at

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Programs and Events

Parent and Family Programs - Student Affairs (2)

New Student Orientation

Students will have the opportunity to register one supporter to join them for orientation as a guest. This can be a parent, family member, or support person for the student.

Visit for more information about the sign-up process, dates, and what to expect during your session. We look forward to meeting you there!

Parent and Family Programs - Student Affairs (3)

Family Weekend

Held in the Fall Semester, "Family Weekend" is a celebration of academics, athletics, entertainment, and involvement at KSU.

Details coming soon for Fall 2024. Find the most recent registration details when announced on the OWL Family Hub.

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Parent and Family Programs - Student Affairs (2024)
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