Moffitt Room Reservations (2024)

1. Moffitt Library

  • Below are descriptions of the available spaces; to reserve one, visit our reservation site. ... Reservable technology rooms on Moffitt, Floor 4. Van Houten ...

  • Moffitt Library, located next to Memorial Glade, is one of the busiest libraries on campus. The library includes the Copy Center, Free Speech Movement Café, and convenient access to the collections in the Main (Gardner) Stacks. Reserved for UC Berkeley students and faculty, Moffitt is food- and drink-friendly, serves students of all majors, and is open the longest hours.

2. Library Updates: Study reservations at Moffitt Library, and publishing ...

  • Apr 12, 2021 · Current UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate students may reserve study space for one, two or three hour time slots between 9 am – 5 pm, ...

  • Study Space at Moffitt Library Reserve study space at Moffitt Library! Current UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate students may reserve study space for one, two or three hour time slots between 9 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Only one reservation can be made per day and reservations can be made one week in advance. COVID-19 screening tests, available through the University Health Service, will be required. Masks are required, and food or drink is not allowed. For more information and to make a reservation, visit the library website. Note: We expect 10 additional graduate-specific study spaces to be available soon! We will send an announcement when these are ready to reserve. Elsevier Agreement The University of California has signed a landmark open access deal with publishing giant Elsevier, after more than two years of negotiations.  Read more about what this means for you as a researcher and author, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Open Access Book Agreement with Springer Nature Springer Nature has signed its first ever institutional open access book agreement with UC Berkeley – the agreement will cover book titles across all disciplines, from the humanities and social sciences to sciences, technology, medicine and mathematics.

3. Space Availability - Earth Sciences & Map Library - LibCal - UC Berkeley ...

4. Library - MSU Texas

  • Welcome to Moffett Library · Loans & Renewals · Interlibrary Loan · Reserve a Study Room · Borrow Items · Pay a Library Fine.

  • Moffett Library

5. Nearby Lodging - Moffitt Cancer Center

  • For current rates and reservations, call the Residence Inn at 813-972-4400 or Hampton Inn & Suites at 813-903-6000. Furnished Housing ATB Furnished Housing ( ...

  • Moffitt has also negotiated reduced rates at a variety of hotels in the area. View the list of hotels near Moffitt Cancer Center and Moffitt at International Plaza.

6. Study Spaces - UCSF Library

  • Two group study rooms (CL241 and CL242) by reservation for students, clinical residents, fellows, postdocs on the main level. Check hours. Reserve.

  • Across locations, you will find spaces geared toward quiet study and spaces for collaborative or group study. Some spaces are available for reservation. Mission Bay campus FAMRI Library Quiet Some noise Located in the Rutter Center on the Mission Bay campus, this library space offers quiet and collaborative study options. UCSF ID badge required. Check hours. Mission Bay Hub Quiet The Hub is a 24/7 quiet study space located in Mission Hall on the Mission Bay ... Read more

7. Reservations for Select Lactation Rooms - UCSF Campus Life Services

  • Reservations can be made using scheduling screens outside all 20 rooms, or online using Event Management Systems (EMS) for 10 rooms. Drop-in Reservations using ...

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8. Group Study Rooms // Libraries // Mizzou // University of Missouri

  • The reservation site is public, please do not use your full name for reservations. Rooms may be reserved for a maximum of two hours for a single booking.

  • Study Room Policies for Ellis Library

Moffitt Room Reservations (2024)
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