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Super long post so if you don't want to read it all the only sections I would recommend are the 10th boost and conclusion. (I'll mark them with this emoji to make them easy to find: 🟩.

Codes Used:



-Galentines Blessing (Not a code but worth mentioning, got it in 15k strawberries)

My main goal going into the HD was to get top 10 on All Time Top Red collectors and if you saw my other post you already know the result.

My goals per boost were to make 200t per non Festive Bean (FB) boost and 300t per FB boost.

I did 24 boosts in total using 9 (FB). I'm not gonna put all of them here as it would make the post way to long (it's already super long) and most of them made similar amounts anyway, so here's the highlights. Highlights for this HD mean FB boosts and noteworthy boosts/moments.

🟩=Recommended moments if you don't want to read all of it.

🟥 =New Boost/moment

--- = Lines mark the start of a new Day.


Day 1:

1st Boost 175t, the worst of the 24. Why it was the worst idk, may have been me out of practice or pat who was helping me disconnecting a few times meaning no clouds or jb.


2nd Boost 353t, was the 1st FB, using Lid art and all the other decorations.


4th and 6th boost were both FB boosts making 400t and the 6th 330t. I replace my buoyant bee with a precise bee before the 4th as I felt I got the max balloon bless that I could get (47x).


7th boost 280t, is where I started to boost with 3 hives claimed instead of just 2 (as I was entering 3am meta lag wise). The main difference between having 2 claimed and 3 claimed where more guides on average, and a few more Festive gifts/marks.


8th Boost 250t, I wanted to test how much using gumdrops on alts helped so I had gumdrops on auto on my two alt accounts, I made 250t which is lower than a few of my other boosts so you could conclude it did not make that much difference, however this boost did not have any guides whereas the others did (I think?) so that may make up the difference. So with this knowledge this was the only boost I auto gumdropped for.


9th Boost 270t, this precise marked the end of day 1 (as the LB reset after this one) so with that here are the screenshots (SC) I took for day 1:

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(Ignore that it says I made 10B please 🙂)

I only took the one SC so onto day 2:


🟩1st boost of day 2 (10th boost total) was another FB using all the decorations and was the best boost I did (even better than the one where I used DemiDecade). Funnily it was the only boost I decided to record so so you can enjoy this SC I took after watching it back of 10t HPS

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Imagine if I used demidecade during this SC. The reason I didn't was 1) I didn;t have the code ready and 2) I already had a mother bear morph so that part of the code would be wasted).

I also took a SC of the lb after boost (this was the only time I was number 1 on daily honey my entire HD lol)

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So my best boost was 747t and was also my 10th boost. Is it a coincidence my best boost was my 10th considering my goal of getting top 10 red 🤔.


15th boost 230t, skipping forward 5 boosts as nothing interesting happened other than getting no good red winds for 2 donations in a row (The the 4 boosts skipped ranged from 210t-293t). Anywhom this was the next FB, using all the decorations as usual and yet made only 230t, could not tell you why it made less than some of my non FB boost (most likely bad lineups) but we must move on. (I only used my FBs during guiding stars so that isn't the reason). From this boost onwards I had my 2nd alt unclaimed and went back to 2 hives claimed total as I thought the reason I made less might be lag.


17th boost 720t, the next FB and the one where I used the DemiDecade code as I had a double bear morph scorch (not including mother bear). I cannot say whether I hit more HPS than my previous 747t boost but this boost did make around 720t so it's possible.


18th boost 420t, was also an FB (I took an hours break between 17 and 18 which is how I did 2 FBs in a row)


21st boost 280t, another FB. Again I'm not sure how these FBs make less than normal boost, I thought it was lag from 2 hives claimed but this one only had 2 claimed.


22nd boost 295t, somehow made more this boost than ones with FBs :/ . This was my planned final boost of HD as I reached my goal of top 10 on All Time Red so, blissfully unaware and very tired, I logged off for the night. (If you are wondering yes I stayed awake over 24hours to do these boosts lol)

So with that here are the screenshots (SC) I took for day 1:

White hives VS red hives moment:

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This 10th place didn't last long though...

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For anyone interested here is the hive I used for 21 boosts: (The first 3 boost had a buoyant with kazoo instead of precise)

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As I said before I wasn't planning on doing any more boosts today as before I went off I saw 11th place had retaken 10th from me and my thought was they were going to increase the difference to alot but when I woke up I discovered that the difference was 120t which was doable so I got using my nectar vials :)

My galentines blessing had only a few hours left meaning for my first boost (if I wanted to get some of the other buffs which I did) would not have it active, so I made sure to get a balloon before the 1st boost which was enough for 41x blessing

Also going into the 1st boost I had 40x Festive Nymph Blessing, 70x Robo Party Bless and my HD had 2hours left 😨.

1st boost of day 3 218t, (23rd boost total). With less buffs than the boosts yesterday I am content with this amount.


24th and final boost, 353t. Used all the decorations for one final FB boost and it went pretty nice I'd say, especially since it was in rose and I had no galentines.

SC time

With those two final boosts done my HD had officially expired and I was back to being 10th on all time red.

How long I will be 10th idk, probably only a few days:

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Top 50 on all time 😎:

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In total over all the days I made around 7.75qd, over double my previous total honey.

Special thanks to @WindyPat for helping with 2.5 of these boost (2.5 as the 1st one he helped with was very choatic on his end)

With the honey I'll level up some bee's: digital to lvl 22 and some lvl 21s (sorry poll yesterday, turns out I have enough to do both)


Now HD is done (I'm not doing BBM, it's possible but I don't want to grind THAT much) I think that it is time for me to retire. (Retiring from a bee game on roblox lol). Seeing the difference between 10th and 9th it is clear to me that I'm not going to get any higher there and on all time I am pretty happy with achieving top 50, especially since I don't macro which is another reason I want to quit.

Because I don't macro, mats (mainly stingers) are quite an issue for me so keeping up with those who do means I have keep the game open whenever I am on my PC, checking on it every few mins for night times and so I don't disconnect for "being idle". By retiring I am freed of this "being idle" burden and can move on to do other things care-free.

My plan is to continue playing until beesmas ends (7days) and then stop playing entirely, although I may come check out a new update (which is probably gonna be next beesmas lol) I won't be tryharding it as I have previous updates (So no more 24hours awake Honey days😄)

With me retiring I'm not going to be very active on here (post beesmas) so I would like to give some thanks to a few people who I've had the pleasure of playing with:

@Ardy58 The first person I ever played with for a decent chunk of time on here, I don't think they are active anymore sadly.

@SupremeLmature I also like cheese.

@Zrobe Although most of the time he is macroing, the rare moment I caught him active were always nice. Congrats on re-enterint the all-time LB (at some point, it's inevitable)

@Qrupafjzvm Playing and chatting with you never failed to interest me, I have faith you'll do a really good boost soon :D

@TheGiftedJedewatt We didn't play together much but your cameos and bee roleplay always gave me a warm smile.

@XXTotallyProBeeSwarmPlayerXx A fellow red hiver who I've enjoyed helping and talking to a few times.

And finally @WindyPat A fellow non macro-er (a real non maco-er if you ask him as I use a macro to activate star saw) and the person who I've spent the most amount of time playing with, his dedication to grinding this game sometimes amazes me, I remember him going from a few red drives to close to max in a few days. Pat, thanks for chatting with me in game all this time and I wish you the best of luck becoming a big pro (you are already pro) white hive.

There a few other I could mention (for example @Ultimate Doomspire who I've came across a few times) but these are the people who I've played with and talked to the most.

With that I can finally end this absurdly long post and spend my final few days playing this game witnessing this absurdly long beesmas come to and end.

If you read all this thank you and go have a stretch, I think you've earned one.

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