Apartments for Rent in Denver, CO (2024)

The "Mile-High City" has a lot of things to recommend it. The beautiful Colorado scenery, great city amenities and the world class University of Denver make this a very appealing city for people considering relocation. The city proper is home to nearly 650,000, but the total metropolitan area has closer to 2.7 million people. Denver's origins are as a mining town, but it has developed into a booming metropolis that is home to a number of thriving industries. The mid-country location has turned it into an ideal transportation and distribution hub. Health care is also a major industry in the city, with three of the top ten employers being involved in the health industries.

When to Search

Denver is a large enough city that you can often find a good place for rent. However, the winters in Denver can be harsh. This means that a lot of people flee for warmer climates, or are not eager to move to Denver during the harsh winter months. As a result, this is a great time to look for an apartment.

Staying in the Know

When you apply for an apartment in Denver, remember how important location is. The city is large and commuting can be a very large draw on your time. Take the time to map out your potential apartments and where you need to work or study before you even reach out to landlords.

Life in Denver


Denver's light rail system does not provide coverage to the entire city, but it does offer a very quick way to get around if you're traveling to destinations near a stop. The Regional Transportation District also provides bus routes throughout the city. Downtown, bike lanes make transportation by bicycle a great option, and the city operates a bike share program for people who don't have their own bike.

Where to play

Denver is home to professional sports franchises in the NHL, MLB, MLS, NBA and NFL. For free entertainment, visit beautiful City Park, which includes two lakes right within the city. Larimer Square is both a culturally rich district and one of the best places to shop in Denver. Colorado is a huge producer of beer, and beer culture is alive and well in Denver. Lower Downtown, or LoDo, is the best place to go enjoy some of Denver's passion for beer.


The Mile-High City is home to every kind of attraction you could want. If it's nature you want, then you need to head up Mount Evans. If you prefer to experience some world-renowned cultural performances, then the Denver Center for the Performing Arts is where you'll be headed. If you're a sports fan, then you can take your pick between which professional team you'd like to support. If none of that is up your alley, then you can visit the massive State Capitol building. The gilded dome on top of the building can be seen from miles away. Curiously, it is the 13th step on the main building that is the point in the city that sits exactly a single mile above sea level.


The Kitchen Denver is modeled after it's sister restaurant in Boulder. The food is all sourced from the local community, providing diners with a sustainable, ethical, and delicious meal. If you're looking for something a little different, Euclid Hall is known for it's adventurous menu items. They also are known for suggesting beer pairings with all of their menu items. One of the most highly regarded restaurants in Denver is called Fruition. This American restaurant tries to use fresh and local ingredients while making great service for customers a top priority. Getting in can be a little tricky however, so make sure to make a reservation well ahead of time.


If you're looking for a fantastic craft co*cktail, then you need to visit Williams & Graham. The bar models itself after a prohibition speakeasy, and the result is beautiful. Craft beer enthusiasts have a lot to choose from, but the Falling Rack Tap House is certainly one of the best. There are typically 85 different beers available on tap. Rackhouse Pub is a good bet for both whiskey and beer drinkers. The beer at this bar tends to focus on State breweries, with only one or two taps typically dedicated to beers made within Colorado. Rackhouse also has a reputation for one of the friendliest staffs around.


Denver is widely recognized as being a city that is a great supporter of arts and cultural institutions. The Denver Art Museum is the type of institution that gets global attention for the quality of it's exhibits and permanent collection. The First Friday Art Walks are also a great way to get acquainted with the rich cultural scene in Denver. All of the parts of town that have any notable art scene feature an art walk on the first Friday of each month. The Art District on Santa Fe, the Golden Triangle Museum District, the River North Art District and more participate in this tradition.


Denver is host to all kinds of events throughout the year. For example, the Downtown Denver Arts Festival is hosted in the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. The annual event gives Denver artists a great chance to present their work to the community. If you're a fan of anything sci-fi or comic book related, the Denver Comic Con is sure to draw your attention. In 2014, the event attracted more than 85,000 people. Denver is also host to a number of food and drink oriented annual events, including the Denver International Wine Festival, which takes place in November, and the Summer Brew Fest, which focuses on local craft beers.


The Cherry Creek Shopping District is widely recognized as one of the best places in Denver if you're ready to do some serious shopping. This area is so popular for shopping because it combines the best of both shopping worlds. First, you have the Cherry Creek Shopping Center, which offers a traditional mall experience with high-end retailers like Neiman Markus and Tiffany & Company. However, you also are right by Cherry Creek North, where hundreds of independent shops and restaurants line the streets. Highlands Square is another neighbourhood with some excellent independent shopping, and many of the stores and restaurants have ties to Hispanic culture.


Denver is home to a major sports franchise in all four major leagues. In the NFL, the Denver Broncos are one of the most popular teams in the entire league. The team has played in some of the most exciting playoff games for the last several years, and is a perennial contender. The Colorado Rockies who play at Coors Field are the local MLB team. The Denver Nuggets represent the city in the NBA, and the Colorado Avalanche represents the city and the state in the NHL. The city is also home to a professional soccer franchise in the MLS, the Colorado Rapids.


The Rocky Mountains that surround Denver provide you with limitless opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Mount Evans is a beautiful place to visit, and the Mount Evans scenic byway provides some breathtaking views of the Rockies. Washington Park allows you to enjoy nature within the city, and has great paths for bikes and walkers. You can also rent canoes to get out on the lake. If you're’ a skier, you will love the winters in Denver, as the mountains are full of nearby ski resorts. Echo Mountain, Loveland, and Winter Park are all within a very short drive of downtown Denver.

Apartments for Rent in Denver, CO (2024)
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